BBRS registration & certification

The Canadian Tissue Repository Network (CTRNet) offers two quality assurance programs.

The Registration program is primarily for researchers who are planning or conducting research projects that involve creating or working with new collections of human research biospecimens. Registration is a relatively simple process to complete.

The Certification program is primarily for biobankers who are establishing or already operating a biobank of human research biospecimens that are provided to other researchers. Certification involves additional steps beyond those of the registration process. Certification is voluntary but has been adopted by many leading biobanks in Canada and internationally.

Goals of the CTRNet programs:

  • To improve human biospecimen quality and availability for research by providing education on biobanking, access to national standards, and a mechanism to register collections. 

  • To provide assurance research collections and biobanks operate according to national standards that align with international standards and best practices. 

  • To uphold and promote public trust in researchers and organizations collecting biospecimens for research purposes through improved biobank governance and increased transparency around biobanking.

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